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RapidClean DRB - Fyshwick, ACT

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RapidClean DRB is a family owned and operated business located in Fyshwick in the ACT. Darren Bookham and Leanne Williams own and manage the business with lots of help from Barry Mitchell on the machinery counter and Melissa McGuire who is the smiling face on the cleaning supplies side of the business.

Darren and Barry have many years of experience in the use and application of cleaning chemicals and machinery. They are always happy to offer practical advice on the most suitable way to tackle almost any situation and the most cost effective way to get the best results.

We supply the largest national property management companies and the smallest domestic cleaners with the same level of enthusiasm – no customer is too small or too big!

Whether it’s a fully fledged commercial chemical dispensing system, a bottle of spray and wipe or a box of facial tissues we can deliver.

Darren is the acknowledged master of small engine repairs so if you can’t mow or pressure wash or your pump ain’t pumping or just about anything else with a small motor is broken give us a call.

Add to that a ready supply of new machines & spare parts and you’ll see that we have everything to keep you cleaning & working!

RapidClean is proud to support the Cancer CouncilCC_PinkRibbon_logo


The Rapid Group is proud to be the only Australian associate member of INPACS  – Global Supply Solutions with an annual turnover exceeding $2.4 Billion. The benefit for our customers is that they can have confidence RapidClean will maintain consistent supply of the best cleaning and packaging products available anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

Viper AS530R Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS530R Ride On Scrubber Dryer is the first mini ride-on scrubber dryer in the user-friendly Viper series, known for providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices. With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on areas of...

Viper AS5160T Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

The Viper AS5160T is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with the ergonomic design, this robust machine is ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces. Ideal for cleaning in hotels...

Kerrick Rhino HS1211 Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Kerrick Rhino HS1211 Although the "baby" of the Hotshot family, the Rhino packs plenty of punch with 1750 psi and a flow rate of 11 litres per minute. Like the Hippo and the Jumbo, this high pressure cleaner is built with a powder coated steel...

Kerrick EI3021 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

Kerrick EI3021 - Separating the men from the boys this industrial pressure washer doesn't muck around. Putting out an impressive 200 bar with a flow of 21 l/min dirt and debris is blasted away in no time at all, making it ideal for industrial applications...

Kerrick EI1511 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

The Kerrick EI1511 electric pressure cleaner with hire frame is a compact single phase industrial machine, developed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Kerrick HH3017 Petrol Cold Water Pressure Washer

Kerrick HH3017 has rugged construction and powerful Industrial 13HP Honda motor. Electric start option is available. This water blaster comes with a heavy duty triplex pump with ceramic plungers with stainless steel valves. A 2:1 gear box and slow rpm pump gives longevity to all...

Kerrick HC4015 Petrol Cold Water Pressure Washer

Kerrick HC4015 is one of Kerrick's hottest selling petrol pressure washers, the Hyqua Blitz 4000 psi comes with an original CAT pump (the industry standard for over 40 years) coupled to a Honda motor making it a reliable investment.

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