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RapidClean DRB - Fyshwick, ACT

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RapidClean DRB is a family owned and operated business located in Fyshwick in the ACT. Darren Bookham and Leanne Williams own and manage the business with lots of help from Barry Mitchell on the machinery counter and Melissa McGuire who is the smiling face on the cleaning supplies side of the business.

Darren and Barry have many years of experience in the use and application of cleaning chemicals and machinery. They are always happy to offer practical advice on the most suitable way to tackle almost any situation and the most cost effective way to get the best results.

We supply the largest national property management companies and the smallest domestic cleaners with the same level of enthusiasm – no customer is too small or too big!

Whether it’s a fully fledged commercial chemical dispensing system, a bottle of spray and wipe or a box of facial tissues we can deliver.

Darren is the acknowledged master of small engine repairs so if you can’t mow or pressure wash or your pump ain’t pumping or just about anything else with a small motor is broken give us a call.

Add to that a ready supply of new machines & spare parts and you’ll see that we have everything to keep you cleaning & working!

RapidClean is proud to support the Cancer CouncilCC_PinkRibbon_logo


The Rapid Group is proud to be the only Australian associate member of INPACS  – Global Supply Solutions with an annual turnover exceeding $2.4 Billion. The benefit for our customers is that they can have confidence RapidClean will maintain consistent supply of the best cleaning and packaging products available anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

RapidClean Auto Wheel Clean and Shine

RapidClean Auto Wheel Clean and Shine for Mag Wheels. AUTO WHEEL quickly removes brake dust and road grime with slight agitation, leaving your wheels clean and bright. AUTO WHEEL is safe for all types of metal hubcaps including steel or aluminium alloy wheels. Concentrated liquid...

RapidClean Auto HD Degreaser

RapidClean Auto HD Degreaser for vehicles and equipment. AUTO HD is a versatile heavy duty and general purpose cleaner for truck and car exteriors. It’s versatility ranges from medium duty engine, chassis and workshop degreasing to light duty cleaning of interiors and upholstery.

RapidClean Auto Revive

RapidClean Auto Revive vinyl and dash rejuvenator. AUTO REVIVE is designed as a conditioner for vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces. It is suitable for dashboards, trims, tyres and more.

RapidClean Auto Wash

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RapidClean Auto Wash

RapidClean Auto Wash - Car, truck and equipment wash. AUTO WASH is a specially formulated detergent/cleaner for removing a wide variety of soils from cars, trucks and general equipment. Formulated to easily remove dirt, road film and exhaust carbon from trucks. • Safe on all surfaces....

RapidClean Auto Wash and Wax

RapidClean Auto Wash and Wax for cars, trucks and equipment. AUTO WASH & WAX has a unique blend of surfactants that will break the bond of deposits with a rich foam holding them in place. For a scratch free, high shine finish. AUTO WASH & WAX includes...

Convection oven – YXD-4A-B

Convection oven - YXD-4A-B Analogue timer and temperature controls  304 Grade stainless steel construction 2 reversible fans Double layer glass door Plus top grill function forward opening. Dimension: 675mmW X 640mmD X 490mmH Internal Dimension: 460mmW X 373mmW X 350mmH

EF-S7.51/15 15 Amp Single Benchtop Electric Fryer

15 Amp 7.5 litre Single Benchtop Electric Fryer - EF-S7.51/15 CALLS THE USER WHEN READY AUSTRALASIA’S ONLY BENCHTOP FRYERS WITH A “COLD ZONE” & DRAIN VALVES! • TIMER • 10 litre pan • 7.5 litre oil capacity • Stainless steel construction • Quick heating /...

EF-S7.51 10 Amp Single Benchtop Electric Fryer

10 Amp 7.5 litre Single Benchtop Electric Fryer - EF-S7.51 CALLS THE USER WHEN READY AUSTRALASIA’S ONLY BENCHTOP FRYERS WITH A “COLD ZONE” & DRAIN VALVES! • TIMER • 10 litre pan • 7.5 litre oil capacity • Stainless steel construction • Quick heating /...

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