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Customer Service Course for the Cleaning Industry

Customer Service Course for the Cleaning Industry

This introductory Customer Service course covers the outcomes required for a cleaning and housekeeping staff to provide effective client service.

The course covers an introduction to establishing client relationships and identifying client needs; how to meet client needs by providing quality cleaning and housekeeping services.

In this course you will learn how to:

Section 1 – Customer Service in the cleaning industry

Section 2 – Acting professionally

Section 3 – Working professionally

Section 4 – Verbal communication skills

Section 5 – Non-verbal communication skills (body language)

Section 6 – Providing customer service


This course covers all required knowledge content for the following competency units:

CPPCMN2003A Provide effective client service

Cost $29.90 (incl. GST)
Unit code & name Customer service for the cleaning industry
Pre-requisite None
Delivery 100% online, no classroom or assignments.
Time 3 minutes to enrol,  4-6 hours – self paced
Payment Paypal or Mastercard/Visa through our Eway internet payment facility.


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